Firenzo Lady Kitchener Rural includes tiles


Firenzo’s first and still a top seller.

Very efficient north/south (deep, not wide) configuration with large surface area makes this fire ideal for larger homes.Cooktop and the option of a generous 3kw or 5kw hot water heater means you’re ready for the longest winter.


  • Suitable for large homes over 150 square metres
  • 23kw max heat output
  • Cast iron top plate excellent for cooking
  • 10 year warranty


  1. Optional Black or Silver rails ($140)
  2. Pedestal Base, Legs or Platform Base
  3. Tiles: Large or small Decor, or Granite
  4. 3kW or 5kW hot water heater
  5. Outside air adaptor

Also now available in Platform base (doesn’t require insulated hearth )

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