Rinnai Portable Convector Avenger


Portable, powerful and energy efficient.

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Energy-efficient – Outputting 90% of the energy used

Outstandingly effective – Using a new, very powerful, low-emission ceramic burner

Portable and powerful – These heaters reach the set temperature of the room up to 41% quicker than reverse cycle air conditioning units*

Remote control – For the convenience of operating the heater between standby or on, as well as adjusting the temperature up or down.

Preheat – This function will automatically operate the appliance before the programmed start time so the room will be preheated to the set temperature when the timer comes on.

Dual timers – Allow you to program the appliance to come on for two separate periods each day, one period in the morning and one period in the evening.

Child friendly – No exposed flame, cool to touch cabinet**, and child lock as standard.

Please note: Room sizing is important. This heater modulates to a low setting and does not turn off. It is important that the room is of sufficient size that it will not overheat when the heater is on low.

* Reference Vipac Report 870127_TST_003526
** Louvre component of the heater will still be hot

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