Sonsy Outdoor Fireplace


The Sonsy is a great, versatile outdoor fire it is mobile, so no matter what the wind direction, you can simply move it around to where you want it to be. The SONSY is completely made of Stainless Steel AISI 316 (1.4401). Therefore, a usage which withstands every kind of weather is guaranteed for many years.

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These fires produce a great amount of heat, reflected off the stainless steel quality fabrication. Made of stainless steel by hand one by one, therefore, every fireplace is an individual work of art. Perfect for cooking on, with the added bonus of a good range of accessories. The spark protection door offers protection and safety. The wire-guaze makes the warmth of the fire possible to come through but blocks the way for fire sparks.

  • Diameter:700mm
  • Fire space:600mm
  • Height:2500mm


  • Manoeuvres on wheels – pull or push even when it’s fired up.
  • Spark protection screen door.
  • Four height levels for accessories.
  • Manufactured with quality stainless steel.
  • Good chimney height (2.5m) allows for smoke to be released overhead.
  • Pipe hat blocks flying sparks and makes firing on rainy days easy.
  • Double wall fire space insulated with rock wool offers protection when touching it.
  • Double wall fire cone offers protection when touching it.
  • Fire bricks on the ground of the fire plus a grill to allow ashes to fall into the ash tray.
  • Firewood storage space underneath.

A RANGE OF ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE: Grill; Pan; Rotisserie & Drip Tray; Wood Pan; Tray; soup Bowl; Pizza Oven; Skewer set.