Toshiba Floor Console U2FVG18 5.0 Cooling – 5.8 Heating


5.0kw Cooling
5.8kw Heating

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The two outlets at the top and bottom ensure a comfortable air conditioning. You can choose the best air outlet from the following patterns. The warm air from the bottom is a Toshiba original feature and it flows air to the floor directly and spreads along the floor.

Elegant, simple design and unique technology
The new stylish indoor unit is just debuting. It is high-grade, elegant, simple and harmonizes with interiors. With compact dimensions (600 mm high & 220 mm deep) it can easily replace radiators, be install under bay windows or in the attic.

Floor warming mode
Floor warming mode is like the warmth of a fireplace. It blows warmer air than normal heating mode with less uncomfortable blasts of air. You can easily switch to it by pressing a remote-control button.

Smart user interface
This Toshiba console has a smart user interface on its chassis. It enables basic operation without a remote controller; on/off, temperature control, operation mode selection and air outlet selection. It displays the temperature, operation mode, air outlet direction in colour. In addition, its LED light glow is adjustable by a brightness control. Also, the child lock function can freeze the display panel.

Breathe Easy
Improve air hygiene in your home. Toshiba’s new IAQ technology inhibits the reproductive ability of harmful bacteria and viruses. Your house will smell and feel as though it’s been recently spring cleaned.
The active-carbon catechin filter eliminates bad smells and protects from dust.
7 in 1 filtration offers purity without compromise. Its sophisticated filtration agents include coffee extract, Vitamin C, super zeolite and upper gingko.
Super Oxi Deo filter works hard to tackle particles and banish pollutants.
Super Sterilizer incorporates Toshiba?s antiviral, antibacterial technology. Sasa and Super Gingko alleviate allergies and keep nasties away from your family.

Key Features

  • Bi-flow
  • Floor warming mode
  • Smart user interface
  • Inverter technology
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Child lock function
  • Compact and modern design
  • New IAQ filter filtration system

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