Ohaaki Heat - Thermally Enhanced Firewood

Using recycled geothermal energy from the Ohaaki Power Station, every piece of firewood has been professionally oven dried in specially modified geothermal timber drying kilns. Advanced Geothermal Drying process Guarantees that every piece of Ohaaki Heat Firewood is dried to an average moisture content of 8%. Thermally enhancing the timber’s performance, producing a new and exciting firewood product that is guaranteed to light easily, burn cleaner and produce more heat.

Please Note

Delivery is to curbside or where the truck is able to get to safely.

Delivery area – Greater Wellington from Upper Hutt sand Pukerua Bay down.

PBT Transport will ring you before delivery to discuss delivery time and day,pallet needs to be delivered to a firm surface .

Real wood, oven dried using recycled geothermal energy, “experience the difference”. This firewood produces more heat than normal.

For your convenience, we have bags available in store or we can supply 36 pre-packed bags on a pallet delivered. These individual bags are easy to carry and stack. One pallet of firewood produces the same heat output as 3.5 cubic metres of dry thrown firewood with the added bonus of no mess and no bugs.

Hot Tip

Seasoned firewood is not dry, ready to burn  firewood. It is ready to stack and dry over several summer months.

If you think firewood from a traditional merchant is for you, ask the merchant to bring a moisture meter with them when they drop off their firewood and show you the moisture content . They all have them and if they try to avoid this it may be a very good sign of the dryness of the firewood they would be delivering.

We test our firewood regularly at between 3% and 9 % moisture content. Anything over 15% and you are boiling water and very little heat will be produced with¬† massive amounts of polluting smoke that’s bad for the environment and will clog up your flue.

Air emissions, the environment & your health

Concern is mounting around the amount of smoke and soot particulate matter being emitted by wood-burning fires around New Zealand, which is known to have adverse effects on health. Green or wet firewood is the major culprit in creating smoke that pollutes the air and creosote that clogs the chimney.

Ohaaki Heat is the driest natural firewood on the market, so it produces fewer emissions, low ash and much more heat. The result is a warmer house, cleaner chimney and a healthier environment. The oven drying process is also environmentally friendly, using hot waste water from Ohaaki Geothermal Power Station to heat the kilns, minimising the carbon footprint, making it the greenest, and best firewood on the market.