Bosca Firepoint 360


Bosca Firepoint 360

Need a wood fire to fit a corner or small space? Choose the Bosca Firepoint 360 Wood Fire.

Curved sides sweep down to the floor, mirroring the circular shape of the flue. This alternative to the traditional square box wood fire is smaller than the Spirit 550 making it ideal for rooms where space is tight, or the fire must fit into a corner. Wherever it is placed, your Firepoint wood fire will become the central focus of the room.

Stylish and elegant, this wood burning stove will complement and enhance the ambience of your home.

Stylish ash hearths are available for Firepoint 360. (Optional Extra)

The Bosca Firepoint 360 comes standard with a removable steel door handle which is also used to open the ashtray. A fixed, heat-resistant handle is an additional option if you prefer to have the handle permanently affixed to the fire or ash hearth door. (Optional Extra)

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