Weber Large Q Ware Casserole Dish


The Q Ware Casserole Dish adds a brand new dimension to cooking with the Weber Q.

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You can keep the heat and smells out of the kitchen this summer by braising meat, baking desserts and cakes, and slow cooking curries and stews in the Weber Q by using the Q Ware Casserole Dish.

  • Two removable handles with the two clever removable handles, the dish can be easily placed in and taken out of a hot barbecue.
  • Glass lid included the tempered-glass lid will stand up to the heat of the barbecue and means you can simmer food for hours without it drying out.
  • Teflon non-stick surface the Teflon Platinum Plus coating makes the Casserole Dish easy to clean.
  • Available in both large and small size to suit the baby Q, Q, and Family Q.

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