Daniel Boone Pellet Grill



Whether you enjoy making light lunches for yourself or full-on feasts for a gathering of friends, the Daniel Boone pellet braai is the ideal cooking appliance. An easy to operate pellet braai from Green Mountain Grill, the Daniel Boone grill will not only take the hassle out of cooking and entertaining, but will also add a delicious smokey flavor to your food. Grill, roast, smoke and bake at the push of a button, this versatile cooker can braai hamburgers or steaks at high heat, slow roast a prime rib or even bake a crispy pizza or bread. By burning wood pellets, a pellet braai has no glues or additives and the pellets are simply fed from the hopper into a firebox, making the pellet grill a quick and easy alternative to making food. Easy to clean too.