When it comes to buying a spa pool, it is important that you do some homework first!

Wellington BBQs and Fire are the experts in finding the right spa for you. We can take you through the process of discovering which features will benefit you the most and discarding those that you don’t really need. There is no better way to unwind, ease pain and increase energy after a rough day than owning a Spa pool from Wellington BBQs and Fire.

From the moment that you submerge yourself in the warm comforting waters of a spa pool, your life will change. Tension will fade, the pain will alleviate and you will experience augmented levels of happiness and the pressures and stress of day-to-day life will seem further away. On top of this owning a spa can improve your sleep.

In the following article, you will discover why a spa pool from Wellington BBQs and Fire represents the best technology, quality and comfort, at a price that provides you with true, lasting value.
This buyers guide will give you all of the knowledge you will need to make an informed decision about which spa pool is right for you. But first, a little about why a spa will be a great addition to your lifestyle.
The Benefits of Hydrotherapy and Relaxation

There are many benefits to owning a spa on top of the great relaxation advantages. For centuries, people have recognised the benefits of spa hydrotherapy and the effects of warm water on our bodies.
Immersion in warm water raises body temperature, causing blood vessels to dilate which strengthens circulation and decreases blood pressure. Better circulation results in a better release of toxins, which stimulates the immune system. Hydrotherapy also stimulates the release of endorphins, which boost the immune system, relieve pain and reduces stress which has an overall relaxing effect and induces a good mood.

Our spa pools provide the warmth, massage and buoyancy needed to both relax and exercise joints and muscles in the convenience of your home. Ergonomically moulded seating, manifold plumbing and scientifically proven jet positioning are built into the DNA of every Spa pool.
We work with our skilled staff using the latest computer-assisted design programs and extensive testing, to ensure that every spa we carry has the most effective and precise water flow, bringing you the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.
Wellington BBQs and Fire have been one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of spas for several years; we believe our experience has garnered the knowledge and understanding of what goes into making a great spa pool.
We ensure every spa meets our own tough standards. By working closely with suppliers we can guarantee that they’re designed to warrant great relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits.

Come out of your shell
The interior surface of your spa pool is referred to as the shell and is made of tough acrylic. Shells are available in many different colours and types. We offer various colours and textures designed for different situations that reflect your indoor and outdoor d├ęcor perfectly. Our spa pool shells are formed by heating a flat sheet of coloured acrylic in an oven and then drawing it into a spa mould. After forming, the acrylic sheet becomes very thin. The acrylic is then strengthened using fibreglass.

The Inside Story/Insulation
Whilst spas are great, big power bills are not. Insulation is crucially important as this determines how much your spa will cost to run. Therefore insulation is one of the most significant things to contemplate when buying a spa.
There are many ways to insulate a spa. The most common method is to spray a foam layer onto the spa shell. This method is cheap and easy to begin with, however, your wallet will suffer in the long run; as more power will be used to heat and maintain optimum water temperature.
All Spa SensatioNZ spas have been fully insulated which means the shell and the cabinet of the spa are also insulated, ensuring that excess heat is kept within the spa structure thus reducing heating costs. This method also has the additional benefit of noise reduction; as noise from the pumps are less likely to escape which results in a quieter night’s sleep.

All our spa pools are plumbed not only to last but are plumbed efficiently to minimise the running costs. Using PVC pressure pipes and fittings has well-recognised advantages such as protection from corrosion and chemicals, as well as being tougher and more flexible. This means they are perfectly designed to deal with the hot chemically filled water.
All our spa pools have pumps that offer performance and durability. All pumps are designed to suit the spas specification. Therefore we don’t put the top of the range pump on all spas as they don’t all need it. As having a higher horsepower pump in a smaller spa is inefficient and a waste of valuable cash. Making sure each pump has the capacity to efficiently optimise performance whilst being durable and saving on running costs for your spa is critical.

Wellington BBQs and Fire recommend that you clean your spa filter at least every two weeks. If your spa pool filter is more than two years old, make sure you replace them, because the filter is made of a fibrous material that gradually corrodes over time. Every single spa pool utilises top quality filters, which can be easily replaced. Proper water circulation promotes filtration, as the water circulates, passing through the filter and trapping suspended particles.

Skimmer Boxes
Skimmer boxes form part of the filtration system and are designed to remove dirt, fallen leaves and other substances from the pool water. As most contaminants that fall into the spa pool can float it is important that the skimmer system provides reasonable skimming to efficiently remove contaminants from the spa’s water. The skimming of the water surface is crucial to maintaining clean, crystal clear water.

Automatic Sanitising
Owning a spa shouldn’t be a hassle. Our spa pools offer automatic sanitising systems which will reduce your chemical costs and the time spent keeping your spa water sparkling clean and fresh. We have many sanitising options from chorine to totally natural systems favoured by people with sensitive skin.

Corona Discharge Ozone has been used for years to sanitise water in spas, swimming pools and even water bottling plants. Ozone is a safe and effective way of keeping your spa water clean. However, because ozone can deteriorate the spa headrests and cover; it must be coupled with a mixing chamber. Many manufacturers skip this step as it adds cost to the manufacturing process. All our spa pools are fitted with ozone systems that include mixing chambers.

What Ozone does in a spa?
– Reduces the need for high chemical doses
– Helps destroy bacteria, viruses and algae
– Oxidises other contaminants
– Reduces odour
– Prolongs equipment life
– Reduces maintenance

Take a seat before you put up your feet
You wouldn’t buy a car without going for a test drive; the same connotation can be used for spa pools.
Before investing in a spa pool it is important you take a seat inside the spa pool/s you are considering, to gather an understanding of what’s going to be most comfortable and relaxing for you, and the users of your new spa.

Let us give you Peace of Mind
We arrange delivery for you. This means that we deliver exactly where you want the spa pool to go. We have delivered hundreds of spa pools around Wellington and understand the challenges, We have all the specialist equipment required for a no hassle delivery.
Commissioning your Spa
We can offer a commissioning service once your new spa pool is filled and running. We’ll show you how to remove the jets and filters for cleaning and how to program the controls and filtering times. Finally, we’ll take you through the chemical requirements of your spa pool ensuring that your water remains crystal clear.

Last but not Least
There is a lot to think about when you buy a spa pool. However, if you do a little groundwork first and give thought to what you want as well as what you need, you will be very happy with your purchase. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your brand new spa pool.
Thank you for taking the time to read through this buyers guide. We are here to help find the spa of your dreams. Don’t accept anything less than the best. If you have any further questions in regards to your spa pool then please don’t hesitate to make contact with us.